Boone Co. Ag Agent Reports Fruit Damage Due to Freeze

branson | March 25, 2017 | Latest News

Press Release

HARRISON, Ark. – Ag Agent Mike McClintock has surveyed many farms around Boone County trying to get an idea of freeze damage on fruit in the county. He says the picture is a little bleak for fruit in the area. Average lowest temps around the county was 24 deg. F.

McClintock provides the following information:

Fruit Damage Survey after March Freeze in Boone County

  • Plums– Total Loss
  • Pears– Total Loss
  • Peaches– 90(+) Loss
  • Apples– Early blooming ie. Braeburn, Stella- 80% damage; later blooming ie., Ar Blacks- OK
  • Blackberries-

Natchez- 95% loss

Ouachita30-40% damage

Apache- appear to be ok.

  • Blueberries-

Southern Highbush- 60-80% loss

Northern Highbush- 20-30% damage

Blue Crop-OK

Blue …read more

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